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About Dr. M.S. Siddiqui - The Highest Standard of Sexual & Mental Health Care

One of the leading herbal healthcare service providers in Barabanki, India, is Dr. M.S. Siddiqui. It was founded in 2009 and continues the work of great Unani doctors and researchers. He is the best sexologist in India. He offers the most effective treatment for male sexual dysfunction. India’s top sexologist is Dr. MS Siddiqui. He offers the most effective treatment for men’s sexual issues. He is one of the best sexologist doctor in Lucknow.

At Noble, it is our goal to offer you the best advice on how to maintain excellent health, which is the most significant component of your life. Along with this goal, we have a mandate to give you the herbal goods you require. We constantly make sure that customers get their money’s worth, and this is the main factor in our home market’s success as well as our expanding influence abroad.

best sexologist doctor in india
best sexologist doctor in india
best sexologist in india

Suffering from a Sexual Problem? Consult the best Sexologist in India.

Are you suffering from a sexual problem? Do you feel like you’re not enjoying sex like you used to? If so, you’re not alone. Many people suffer from sexual problems at some point in their lives. The good news is that there are many qualified sexologist doctors in India who can help you overcome your problem and enjoy a healthy and fulfilling sex life.

Dr. M.S. Siddiqui is one of the best sexologists Doctor in India. He has helped countless patients overcome a wide variety of sexual problems. He is a highly experienced and qualified doctor who will take the time to listen to your concerns and develop a treatment plan that is right for you.

If you are suffering from a sexual problem, don’t suffer in silence. Consult the best sexologist in India and get the help you need to enjoy a healthy and fulfilling sex life once again.

Welcome to Nisha Health Care Clinic

We help you to get sexual consultation from Dr. M.S. Siddiqui (Nisha Health Care Clinic).

Sex Consultancy

Dr. M.S. Siddiqui provides ultimate sex problem consultancy. He listens all the problems carefully and does the best diagnosis. Sometime your problem may be psychosomatic and misconceptional, which is cure by cognitive behavior therapy.
best sexologist in india

Men Sex Problems

Dr. M.S. Siddiqui diagnoses all sex issues in men, including erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, noctural emission, infertility/azospermia, and loss of libido.

best sexologist in india

Men Sex Treatment

Men sex treatment by herbal & neutraceutical which is aphrodias & very safe. Enjoy sex life now ask my doctor how? For more detail watch (Available treatment)

Available Treatments and Facilities

Using low-intensity shock waves to stimulate local angiogenesis, Linear Shock Wave Therapy (LSWT) is a novel, noninvasive treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED). 

Extracorporeal shock wave therapy

best sexologist in india

Improve Your sex power by diet therapy

best sexologist in india

Myth Removal Behavior Therapy

best sexologist in india

Online Consultation

Get a straightforward solution to any of your complex problems.

Consult anytime, anywhere

An expert’s consultation is just a single click away.

100% confidential & Secured

Information you provide will be confidential here.

Multiple option to connect

Connect via website, voice, or mail.

Diseases & Conditions

Nisha Health Care is a clinic that specialises in employing a contemporary medical approach to treat both male and female sexual issues at their source.

Gupt Rog Samayasa का समाधान -Dr. M. S. Siddiqui

In this video, Gupt Rog Visheshagya Dr. M. S. Siddiqui talks about Sexual Problems, which is a hidden disease that can be difficult to detect and diagnose. He explains that it is important to be aware of the symptoms of this disease so that you can seek treatment early on. Early diagnosis and treatment is often key to avoiding serious complications from Gupt Rog Samayasa

Seminars & Events

He offers seminars on sex issues, counseling, and sex education to help people improve their communication, emotional connections, and art of making love. Everybody gains power as a result, and relationships are fostered.
sexologist in india

Dr. M.S. Siddiqui

Winner Of India’s Signature
Award 2020 – By: Sunil Shetty

sexologist in india

Dr. M.S. Siddiqui
Winner Of India’s Most Prominent Sexologist
Award 2019 – By: Govinda

sexologist in india

Dr. M.S. Siddiqui

India’s Most Prominent Healthcare
Award 2018 – By Mohd. Azharuddin

sexologist in india

Dr. M.S. Siddiqui

sexologist in india

Dr. M.S. Siddiqui

top sexologist in india

Dr. M.S. Siddiqui

World Signature Award Winner Honored By Bollywood Actor Govinda

World Signature Award Winner Honored By Bollywood Actor Govinda

top sexologist in india

Patients Appreciation


  1. If your genitals are giving you trouble
  2. If you and your partner are unable to have sex
  3. If you are having trouble getting an erection
  4. If your penis’ foreskin is constrictive
  5. In the event that your marriage cannot be finalised
  • MD (AM), PGDYT, CHFE, DAP, FIANT, BUMS, PGDPC, M.I.A.S, Psychotherapist
  • Fellowship from American College Of Sexologist
  • Member of indian association of sexology
  • Member of south asian society for sexual medicine
  • fellow of international society for sexual medicine for nedarland
  • Fellow of indian academy of natural therapeutic
  • Done masterclass in Sexual Medicine
  • Nisha Health Care Clinic Ghosiyana, Station Road ( Near – Ultra Pathalogy) Civil Lines Barabanki-225001(U.P.)
  • Nisha Health Care Clinic, Amethi Complex Shop 1, Janana Park, Aminabad, Lucknow, UP, 226018

Security is our first priority, and in order to achieve that, we make sure that all client-related information is secure. Additionally, we never share any information with third parties or conduct any kinds of sales calls. Dr. MS Siddiqui is the best sexologist in India.

The rare occurrence of sexual difficulties is normal and is a sign of good health. However, you should consult a sexologist in your area if you frequently experience these problems.

We don’t provide any form of program for the medical care of our patients. To It is far better to speak with your doctor toarn how much your therapy will cost based on your diagnosis, it is far better to speak with your doctor.

The significance of the problem determines it. You should definitely ask your sexologist about the matter.

In India, a good sexologist is one who has built a name for themselves via their profession. One of the top sexologists in India, Dr. M.S. Siddiqui, offers successful treatments for all sexual health issues.

We will inform the client of the cost of the therapy once the problem has been identified. We are only able to provide you with an estimate of the cost of treatment once your issue has been identified.

A doctor must possess a current medical license and a pertinent degree in order to be regarded as a skilled sexologist. Dr. M.S. Siddiqui is the best sexologist doctor in India.

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